Chapter 1, Verse 1

Martin Luther referred to Galatians as his “wife.” This letter establishes without a smudge of a doubt that justification is by faith alone, in Christ alone. The moment we are declared righteous before God is only achievable by God’s gift of faith.

Whenever the Apostle Paul wrote one of his epistles, he began with an introduction of himself. Why? Because an Apostle was an authorized emissary from Christ Himself. An Apostle held the very authority given to them by the Lord God, so even before he starts his message, he sets the letter’s apostolic origin straight. They (Galatians) must obey this, it is binding upon their souls and consciences.

Paul had been heavily slandered and maligned by oppressive Judaizers. They were telling the faithful few in Galatia that Paul was not really an Apostle, that his authority derived from other men who simply sent him as a teacher, and a bad one at that. The Apostle from Tarsus argues in a way in which no honest and pious man ever would. “Not from men nor through man, but from Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised Him from the dead-“

The apostleship that Paul held was not given him as a credential by a man. No council was held to dictate whether Paul was an Apostle or not. No group of friend came to a unanimous vote on how nice and capable Paul was. Rather, he was made an Apostle by Jesus Christ Himself, set apart by God the Father, who raised Christ from the dead.

Thus, Paul derived his authority and apostleship from a divine, infallible source, not from any man or a human decision. He establishes what has been questioned about him in the distant Galatia. Before he says anything to the Christians in Galatia, he must set the crooked straight, and he does precisely that.

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