What have we done?

Yesterday, New York approved a new law that will allow abortions up until birth… I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Until birth: that means an 8 or 9 month fully developed baby can be murdered because of whatever reason the “mother” wants to give. I can’t even think about the evil that would have to overtake someone’s heart to carry out such an act. Today, my daughter turns nine months and I had the privilege to watch her birth. I was able to hold her only seconds after her first breath of air and I got to peer into her beautiful blue eyes. I couldn’t speak for at least the first 30 minutes that night, after having seen her.

I examine my life and watching my daughter grow knowing the struggles we have faced the past nine months and think that I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. Today though, many “adults” think much different; they would rather kill their unborn child instead of facing childbirth, or the challenge of raising them to be functional and contributing adults. Since RoevWade, abortions have left a path of destruction across our great nation. Paul references in Romans 3:15, “their feet are swift to shed blood.” This new law just continues to show how depraved mankind is, as Paul said earlier in Romans 3, “No one seeks after God.” We see a society that wants nothing to do with God but would rather govern themselves. Because of this, we have now started to approve laws that allows death until birth, which just pushes the barrier and begs the question: What’s next? Murder up until a year old? Two years old? If the excuse is given that the child in the womb can’t sustain life on its own, you have to agree that neither can a 1 year old. My daughter can’t feed herself, or cloth herself. So, this law makes me wonder, what is next? We have approved laws over the past 10 years that just raises a fist against God.

But, there is hope. There are many groups fighting back. Many ministries that take interest in the women, showing they are loved, and that there can be of assistance. Apologia Studios has done tremendous work in helping women while confronting the evil done at these clinics. If you feel compelled to help, look to your local church, look to these types of groups that stand up against the massacre of our children. Together we can make a difference in this dark world.


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