Chapter 1, Verse 8

8 “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.

Doubtless this is one of the harshest verses in the whole New Testament. After having exhorted and rebuked the Galatians for having so quickly deserted the Gospel, Paul establishes the complete and indisputable authority of the Gospel.

“Even if we.” This of course refers to the magisterial Apostles and their mission companions. Paul is holding himself accountable to his very warning, even to point of damning (anathema, accursed) himself. The Gospel he first preached to the Galatians (presumably in his first missionary journey) is the only true Gospel. Paul did not get it wrong the first time, so there is no need to fix it or to modify it.

Angels themselves are included in this warning. The Gospel is of such perfection that if even a messenger from God were to attempt to provide an addition or subtraction of it, he would as well be accursed. Satan himself dresses as an angel of light, and all his weapons are aimed against the Biblical Gospel. If only false religions or cults would have payed attention to this small but powerful verse, they would not even exist. Islam’s inception can be traced back to “Gabriel,” when it actually was Satan in disguise in order to deceive Mohammed. Joseph Smith claimed to receive “the restored gospel” by an angel by the name of Moroni. We could go on and on with supposed angelic revelations. The truth is, all of these celestial visitations have done nothing but create false religions and cults that are vehemently opposed to true Christianity.

We are to shun any claim of revelation that stands in opposition to the Biblical Christ, and not only to shun them, but to condemn and curse them with the very curse of God. Distorting the Gospel is worthy of the hottest flames of hell, worthy of the pure and unvarnished wrath of almighty God.


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