Reformed Preaching by Joel Beeke

With culture that is so riffled with variations of truth being preached, a breath of fresh air is needed. The pulpit has turned into a stage, with big productions, huge screens and flashing lights. Music is played longer than a sermon is preached and people flock to these circus acts week in and week out. We have given up doctrinal teaching for feel good messages and motivational speeches. With so many churches falling away, Joel Beeke’s Reformed Preaching is that breath of fresh air the church has so desperately been in need of.

With many pastors coming out of seminary with progressive mindsets and belittled concepts of preaching biblically, it is easy to see how churches are being led down a path of destruction. Joel’s sole purpose with this book is to bring the church back to the days of the Reformers and their successors, the Puritans. To show us how they led their churches and preached in a manner that was honoring to God. Reformed Preaching is a biblically sound look at church history that brings back the need for practical divinity on experiential reformed preaching. Experiential preaching addresses the vital matter of how a Christian experience the truth of Christian doctrine in their lives.

The book opens with the first few chapters laying out the need to come back to this type of preaching verse-by-verse, then continues continues on with our current destructive manner of teaching. We examine the need for experiential teaching by the different elements of reformed experiential preaching alongside different styles of preaching. Beeke then moves on in part two to discuss various styles of Reformed and Puritan preaching and the impact they made on the history of preaching. He concludes the book with a look at modern experiential teaching and breaks down how preachers can apply this to their teaching today.

Reformed Preaching is the book that every serious pastor must have on their book shelf and one that should be revisited often. Any man standing in the pulpit should examine the contents and seriously apply them to their ministry. This book hits right at the heart of the preacher and keeps driving forward, as a means to mold the preacher into the man of God he is called to be.


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