None Greater

                What is your view of God? Do you see Him as being all-powerful, all knowing, perfect, or do you look at Him through the lens of modern Christianity and see Him as “reckless” or unavailable? Does God hold the supreme position in your life or do other “objects” take His place? The Undomesticated Attributes of God takes the reader through a journey that touches on God’s greatest attributes, and sheds light on the biblical God verse the modern Christianity view of God. Matthew Barrett takes his readers through God’s marvelous attributes and breaks them all down, aseity, simplicity, immutability, impassibility, timeless eternity, omnipresence, all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful.

                Through the book, Matthew introduces each attribute, and outlines the premise to that attribute, including objections and false assumptions of people who don’t hold to his theological position. While Matthew holds to a reformed view of the bible, he lays out with clear distinction, using biblical text as support to his view, to determine whether someone is a heretic, or a biblical believing Christian. That is why theology is all about making distinction, p.189. He takes an academic approach to drawing out the concepts and deeper understanding of various attributes but places them into a context that is easy for any reader to understand. Throughout the book, Matthew weaves in personal stories to help bring a different understanding to a concept he is trying to stress, which in turn helps lighten the mood. His overall approach is logical, and coherent in terms of his biblical exegesis. He addresses his position, and various objections and always turns to what the authors of the bible have to say. He does rely on what he calls the “A Team”, Augustine, Anselm, and Aquinas, as pivotal resources throughout the book, but draws upon many reformers through history.

In my personal opinion, his final chapter was a little lack luster, as he fails to tie all the attributes together in a grand fashion. He almost leaves us in cliff hanger moment, where he addresses God’s jealousy, but leaves us wanting just a few more pages. Through the book, he does a good job tying the attributes together through what he calls God’s simplicity, but at the end of the book, fails to bring solid conclusion to an overall great book. Beyond that, this book was easy to read and understand, and for many who are looking to dive deeper into theology would be a good stepping off point. I would highly recommend this book to any Christ follower of any level.

                I received a free paper back book for my honest and open review from Baker Books.


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