Remaining Faithful in Ministry by John MacArthur

The office of Pastor has been under fire for almost 2000 years, and today more so than ever. Remaining faithful during these challenging moments can prove difficult, but John MacArthur establishes 9 convictions each pastor should hold to in his book “Remaining Faithful in Ministry.” MacArthur does a deep dive into how Paul withstood countless attacks through his ministry and still remained true to Christ from beginning to end. The focus of this book is on Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth, and heavily pays attention to the fourth chapter. While MacArthur uses the entire bible to draw out his nine convictions, he remains true to biblical doctrine when building these platforms for preachers to stand upon. Each of these convictions are drawn out of the circumstances that Paul was facing when he wrote the first and second Corinthians; always drawing on the bible to establish his position.

MacArthur draws upon his own personal experience and that of Paul’s to conclude that the mantel of preacher is one not to be taken lightly. Those in ministry, should understand the walk of the apostles, and their views of preaching and working with God’s sheep. This book helps bring to light issues Paul had and that he overcame, and these same convictions apply to pastors today. Based on MacArthur’s relentless pursuit to remain biblical in these convictions, I would recommend this book to any person in ministry or entering. Hopefully to help show them that their strength comes from God alone, and not of themselves.

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