Faith is for the Weak

Apologetics have been at the cornerstone of Christianity since the charge was given to the original disciples to take the message of Christ into the world.  At the core of apologetics, it is simply based off of one single verse but also from the attitude to present the gospel all of its truth. Many modern apologetics promote the verse 1 Peter 3:15, “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” We should always be ready to answer questions that unbelievers present but do so with gentleness and kindness. Ray Comfort is a great example of a man with a passion after Christ, he has authored over 60 books and often takes to the streets to evangelism.

                As Ray preaches, he is often confronted by many skeptics that present some challenging questions. In Ray’s new book, Faith is for the Weak People, he presents 20 of the most common and challenging questions he faces on the streets. These questions range from, “what sort of God would threaten to torture people in hell forever just because they don’t believe in Him,” to “I can murder a hundred people, then give my heart to Jesus and go to Heaven?” These questions to someone who is unexperienced can be challenging and Ray lays out a great response to each of the questions along with biblical support to back his stance. He uses the Bible as his platform and does not argue from any other logically truth than what God has provided us. Ray generally sticks to evidential apologetics, and lets the Bible speak for itself. The questions presented are often commonly misunderstood truths that have been laid out in the bible. Ray takes his readers through a quick understanding of the question then provides biblical truth to answer the question. Reading through these objections and responses is not a challenge even for the young Christian. Ray’s responses are easy to read, and the logic is simple enough to follow. I would recommend this book as a beginner book to anyone looking to get into the field of apologetics, then expend from here. The content is sufficient enough to provide the beginner with the proper way to respond to common objections and do so in a calm and collected manner. One of Ray’s trademarks is his personality, always calm, but willing to ask tough questions as this does a fine job of displaying. I received this book from Baker Books in exchange for a fair and honest review of the book.


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