ESV Prayer Bible

I recently had the opportunity to review the Prayer Bible that Crossway publishes. Upon opening the box, one of the observations I made was the size of the Bible. It is not very large, just under 9 inches tall and almost 6 inches wide. This Bible is perfect for that bedtime Bible you keep you on your nightstand.

The purpose to the prayer Bible is to draw on over 400 historical prayers from early church fathers, the reformers and more. Throughout scripture, prayers are interceded into the text to show how those before us prayed using various verses. As you read through a book, you’ll come across these prayers, and they help slow us down and reflect on the passages in question, and is a great tool to have before bed. Open to where you are at in the Bible, read and prayer as the early church fathers did. At the beginning of each book, there is prayer-related introductions to help see the over aching perspective of the story and points to pray on.

The Bible itself is hardback, and in fact the first hard cover Bible I have had the privilege of owning. The ESV Prayer Bible will quickly become a staple in my house as a great go to for reading and devotions. I highly recommend this bible for any Christian at any point in their walk with Christ. This will help deepen your prayer life and help you grow closer to God.

Thank you to Crossway for this free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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