Why I Like Being a Baker Books Blogger

While our blog has been active for over six months, I’ve only recently taken it upon myself to expand the basis and reach by including book reviews. I’ve done a few reviews for other sites and thought it would be a good addition to this blog.

I started writing for Baker Books in April and have since participated in a couple different reviews they have offered. Each month they present three to four books of which you can choose one or all to write about. They generally give a good variety of topics to cover in the books they offer. I have had the ability to pick a few from topics in the Old Testament to the attributes of God. Because of their selection and offerings, I absolutely love having the ability to review their books. They ship quick and I have the book within a few days, and I am given 60 days to read and write my review. Baker was my first source for book reviews and will be one I continue to use throughout my time of hosting this site. They make everything very easy, from book selection to posting the reviews.

Baker Books has been a great resource to myself and others I know to get a monthly book for review. They were my first selection and even though I have a couple other sources, Baker continues to be top on my list. They have provided everything I need and continue to offer great books. I love Baker Books for blogging.

You can check them out http://bakerpublishinggroup.com/bakerbooks/baker-books-bloggers

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