Wake up Church!

Wake up church…We are facing crucial times in the life of the church, one that has not happened since the reformation in the 1500s. The church today is faced with old heresies and false teaching dressed up and presented as the gospel. As Charles Spurgeon said, “Be assured, there is nothing new in theology except that which is false.” The church is fighting an uphill battle today in its quest to fight the secular movement, and remain focused on God’s word, sola scriptura. While many denominations have fallen to this concept of secularism, and catering to making Christianity inclusive. The list of false teaching is widespread today and encompasses many churches around the world. Arminianism has taken hold because man wants the ability to control their destiny; desiring the ability to control their own salvation.

While this blog has gone through periods of inactivity, I want to continue the focus of my writings on the conditions of the church and take a bolder stance for the truth. Far to long have voices been silent as the likes of Joel Osteen, and Benny Hinn clog the airwaves of the Christian culture. Their influence has spread through the mega churches into the small communities and across social media. The prosperity gospel and word-of-faith movements have just been steppingstones for many false teachings that seem to be sprouting out of nowhere these days. While the Church has failed false teachings going all the way back to the apostles and their encounters, today we seem to be at a turning point. Many sheep are being led astray and there is no accountability for false teachers. The reason I say we are at a turning point today, is because of this very reason. Churches are sprouting up everywhere with terrible theology and Christians do not bother to confront them. From a biblical standpoint, we are completely missing the point. Paul confronted numerous false teachers in his writings and continued to preach the Gospel. The church as a whole has an obligation to protect their sheep, to care for their sheep, and feed the sheep. This is the same call that Jesus gives to Peter in John 21. We have this same duty today, to fulfill the command of Christ.

The church must take a stand. We must be equipped with the truth and we must confront the false teachers spreading lies through the church. My intentions through this is to help provide work that we can turn to that addresses the heresy and false teaching of the church. Christians must be equipped in addressing this cancer before it over runs us. Undying Light’s podcast will continue the series on Heresy and False Teaching along with possible YouTube channel dedicated to this. This is a heavy burden, and a deep passion for me to work through, ensuring sound doctrine is preached. I want to take this passion and build on it, ensuring those of you, the readers, that follow us on whatever platform get equipped to carry the truth forward. Stay tuned as I will start to tackle various false teachings and teachers and present the proper ways for truth to be preached.

Written by Alex Zenk @reformed_lifestyle

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